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Bookable Space with Katya Cengel

Season 1, Ep. 65

In this episode of Bookable Space host Yvonne Battle-Felton is joined by Katya Cengel. Katya reads From Cheronobyl with Love: reporting from the ruins of the Soviet Union.

About the book:


In 1986 an explosion at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic helped trigger the collapse of the Soviet Union. 

Three and a half decades later, in 2022, the plant’s capture by Russian forces reminded Ukraine – and the world – that, for Russia, it isn’t over. 


In between an American reporter and a Ukrainian photographer fell in love. At Chernobyl. Site of the world’s worst nuclear disaster.


As their relationship developed, Ukraine collapsed, bringing it to the brink of political disintegration and civil war. Ultimately, this fall of idealism in the East underscores Cengel’s own loss of innocence. From Chernobyl with Love is an equal parts heartbreaking and humorous true coming of age story of a girl and a country made all the more poignant because of current events.

 About the author:

Katya Cengel has written for New York Times Magazine and the Wall Street Journal among others. She received an Independent Publisher Book Award (IPPY) for her memoir “From Chernobyl with Love” and has been awarded grants from the International Reporting Project, International Women’s Media Foundation and International Center for Journalists. 

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    In this episode of Bookable Space, Anton Skornyakov reads from The Art of Slicing Work: How to Navigate Unpredictable Projects.About the BookIgnoring the problem won’t make it go away.And yet, that’s exactly what most organizations do when unpredictability arises. Instead of fighting against it, why not work with unpredictability instead?In The Art of Slicing Work, Anton Skornyakov shows you how to navigate unpredictability and stay focused on delivering results that matter—allowing for steady and controllable progress, creating a sense of shared ownership and responsibility, and maximizing the value of the work produced.This isn’t another Scrum-based product development book for the tech crowd, nor is it a theoretical leadership framework. It’s a real-world, low-jargon guide filled with stories, explanations, and lessons developed and honed through years of organizational coaching.With this book, you will gain new insight into how to lead your teams through unpredictable projects, whether in commercial, non-profit, or public sector organizations.About the authorAnton Skornyakov was born in Moscow, Russia before relocating to Germany at the age of 12. Trained as a mathematician and physicist, Anton earned a degree equivalent to a master's in mathematics from Cambridge, a diploma in physics from Humboldt University Berlin, and an MBA from Collége des Ingènieurs in Paris. Anton's dedication to organizational collaboration and Agile principles in the public and nonprofit sectors led him to his current role as co-founder and managing director of Agile.Coach. In this capacity, he has coached nearly a hundred organizations and thousands of individuals in the art of slicing work. His upcoming book, The Art of Slicing Work, encapsulates the culmination of numerous stories, lessons, and principles gathered throughout his coaching journey. The Art of Slicing Work (March 2024) will be available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and wherever books are sold.
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    In this episode of Bookable Space, host Yvonne Battle-Felton is joined by Madeline Bocaro. Madeline reads from her book In Your Mind- The Infinite Universe of Yoko Ono. About the book: In Your Mind - The Infinite Universe of Yoko Ono The true story of the woman John Lennon loved. This is the ultimate biography and reference guide to Yoko Ono's life and work. It is the first complete exploration of her avant-garde art, activism, films and music in stunning detail. Includes deep insights about Ono’s life (thirty-three years before meeting Lennon, twelve years with him, and over forty years of creativity since his death). The book addresses the undeserved negativity that Yoko has received as a child of war in Japan, as an Asian woman and as the wife of one of the Beatles. We can all learn from Yoko's positivity and her effective healing methods.BIO: Author and journalist Madeline Bocaro is a passionate fan from New York, with deep knowledge about rock and roll. Her informative and insightful writing keeps its history and legacy alive. Madeline has written the acclaimed biography In Your Mind – The Infinite Universe of Yoko Ono. She has contributed to many books and documentaries about music.
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    In this episode of Bookable Space, host Yvonne Battle-Felton is joined by Tim Stretton. Tim will be reading from Catfish Alley.From the book:I once had a girlfriend back in Scotland, Lorna, who was into astrology, karma, healing crystals and all that shite. She always said the universe had a way of knowing when you needed something and providing for you. In my experience, what it generally provides is a kick in the bollocks.Tommy Chisholm is in trouble.His dream life in Barcelona is unravelling. He’s broke, his writing career has stalled, and maybe it’s time to pack up and go home.But then he’s recruited by an organised crime gang to help them rob an art gallery. His financial worries will be over at a stroke, and all he needs to do is seduce someone he’s never met.Everything is going perfectly. Until he loses his head over the woman he is meant to be exploiting. About the Auhor: Tim Stretton has published six novels, and his seventh, Catfish Alley, was published by SpellBound Books in June. He writes fantasy and science fiction as Tim Stretton, and crime as T. M. Stretton.He has also been published by Macmillan New Writing and Tor. His fantasy novels include the Annals of Mondia trilogy (Dragonchaser, The Dog of the North and The Last Free City) and his most recent series is the steampunk Fractured Empire sequence, Bitter Sky and A Little Poison.More recently he has been working on crime fiction. In addition to Catfish Alley, he has recently completed two more novels in the ‘Barcelonoir’ crime trilogy, Casanova Street and Diamond Boulevard.Tim was born and raised on the Isle of Wight, and has lived in West Sussex for most of his adult life. He has a degree in English and American Literature from the University of Kent. He was also a senior editor at the international Vance Integral Edition project. Before concentrating on writing full-time, he was the deputy finance director of a local authority and also worked as a trainer and consultant. His non-fiction has appeared in publications as diverse as the Local Government Chronicle and Introvert, Dear.He is a member of the Crime Writers' Association, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers' Association, the Society of Authors and the Alliance of Independent Authors.You can find him online at and follow him on Twitter (@timstretton) and Instagram (@tim_stretton).
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    In this episode of Bookable Space, host novelist Yvonne Battle-Felton is joined by Micki R. Pettit. Micki reads from A Kiss for Maggie Moore and talks about research, writing, and more.Born in Wyoming and raised in New Mexico, Micki R. Pettit has been a Texan for twenty-six years, living in Houston with her husband and now twenty-one-year-old, A&M sons. Micki is a former radio personality and voice talent with vocal experience spanning musical theater, opera, big band, rock, and country. She is currently lead female singer with the folk group Bandella and performs with the Bay Area Chorus of Greater Houston. A graduate of the University of New Mexico, she is an experienced copywriter whose personal writing has appeared in various Native American-themed publications. Upon moving to Houston, she was instrumental in the creation and execution of Contact, the Astronaut Spouses Group quarterly newsletter, and served as content coordinator before becoming its editor. A Kiss for Maggie Moore is Micki R. Pettit’s debut novel. She is currently working on String of Pearls, the story of two women at different stages of entanglement with the same man. One is divorcing him, the other is soon to be his bride.About the bookSmart-mouthed Maggie Moore is instantly smitten with the laid back, sometimes infuriating Bucky. Too bad he has eyes for her best friend Melinda. Their triangle of friendship and emerging romance is easily eclipsed by the free-spirited adventures of childhood, but when the turmoil of adolescence stirs unresolved feelings, and doing the right thing means betraying her own heart, Maggie must grapple with a moral dilemma that impacts them all. With a supporting cast of unforgettable characters, and set against the backdrop of rural Wyoming during the cultural upheaval of the 1960s, Micki R. Pettit gracefully weaves an endearing and humorous tale of first experiences that cuts to the heart of sacrificial love.