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Bookable Space with Katie Munnik

Season 1, Ep. 18

Hosted by Yvonne Battle-Felton, in this episode of Bookable Space we're joined by Katie Munnik reading from The Aerialists.

About the author: Katie Munnik is a Canadian writer living in Cardiff, UK.

In 2017, she won the Borough Press Open Submission, and her debut novel The Heart Beats in Secret was a USA Today Bestseller.

Her second novel The Aerialists was published in April 2022 by HarperCollins.

About the book:  She fell from the sky and captured the heart of a city.

The Aerialists is a rich historical novel inspired by the life of Louisa Maud Evans, a fourteen-year old hot air balloonist who died tragically during the Great Exhibition in Cardiff, 1896.

 Paris, 1891 Laura is living on the streets, far from the American Prairies where she was born. When rescued by the entrancing aerialists, Ena and Auguste Gaudron, she soon finds herself ensconced in the family hot air balloon business, and offered the chance to learn how to fly.

Cardiff, 1896 The Gaudrons accept an invitation to be part of the Cardiff Fine Art, Industrial and Maritime Exhibition, presenting a daring show of balloon ascents and parachute descents.

Then late one night, a young girl, Grace, knocks on the Gaudrons’ door. She is desperate to fly, whatever the cost. As Grace’s dreams begin to take wing, can Laura be the one to keep her grounded? Or will both girls risk it all for one dazzling moment of flight?

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Bookable Space with James W White

Season 1, Ep. 26
Hosted by Yvonne Battle-Felton, this episode of Bookable Space features James W. White reading from Carp Cafe.About the book: Master story-teller James W. White is back with a guaranteed good time story set in the surf-side town of Carpinteria, California in the aftermath of the horrific Thomas wildfire. Everyone's got a bit of PTSD, what with the burning mountains and rising sea levels squeezing the town from all directions. Enter Shelly Friedman, a single, 45-year old personnel counselor with a drinking problem, blowing into town for a day trip in her classic sixty-four-and-a-half Mustang. She uncovers the hidden past of a slickster named Tom, a guy she has just screened for a job back in LA. Another guy named Tom, a bartender, sparks a passing fancy. They gin up a commemorative cocktail to honor the fire-fighters who saved the town.But the man of the hour is surfer Dave, an aging beach bum who comes to Shelly's rescue when she runs over the town's favorite yellow lab. Dave's in Carpinteria because he's hiding out from Hell's Angels. His girlfriend just dumped him, leaving a note in his post office box, and ran off with a gang of unsavory characters.About the author: Jim is a California-based writer of historical, literary and science fiction. He earned an MA in U.S. History. His professional career has included military service, teaching, research librarian and technical writing. Jim is currently serving as President of his town's literary non-profit organization, Benicia Literary Arts. Jim's stories have appeared in Datura Literary Journal, The Wapshott Press, and Remington Review. His fourth novella, Carp Café launched in January 2022 through Adelaide Books.