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Bold Thinking

Simon Large

Season 4, Ep. 2

Simon Large joins Julia to discuss his extensive career in travel. Julia delves into Simon’s experiences at Cathay Pacific and his take on the “plumbing and poetry” of brand and customer experience.

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  • 6. Dennis Furniss

    In the final episode of season 4 of Bold Thinking, Julia is joined by designer Dennis Furniss, former Head of Design at Unilever and Head of Design, Latin America at PepsiCo. They discuss why brands should embrace their sensual side to attract customers. Listen in to hear about his impressive career and get a teaser of his upcoming 2022 project that allowed him to explore new areas of design.Share your comments on Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn. Or email us at
  • 5. Nikkia Reveillac

    Nikkia Reveillac joins Julia to share her thoughts on how culture can shape a person and how having the courage to think outside the box is an important part of bold thinking. Tune in to also hear what she’s learned from her new role as consumer and market insights lead at Netflix and from setting up a podcast of her own. Find out more about Nikkia and her podcast, Culture Unfit, here. Share your comments on Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn. Or email us at
  • 4. Carl Boutet

    In the latest episode of Bold Thinking, founder of Studio Rx, Carl Boutet, talks about his new book, The Great Acceleration: The Race to Resilience, the rapid changes in retail since the pandemic and how brands are adjusting to the ever-growing digital world. Find out more about Studio Rx: Share your comments on Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn. Or email us at
  • 3. Jo Dutta

    This week, Julia is joined by Jo Dutta as they discuss Jo's career at Mush,  a ready-to-eat oats start up that’s been taking the US by storm. They dig into the mantra of "starting even if you don't know how” and learning to see opportunities when things go wrong. Share your comments on Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn. Or email us at
  • 1. Minnie Moll

    Delving into the world of Design Council and its new focus on #DesignForPlanet, Chief Executive Minnie Moll joins Julia for the first episode of Bold Thinking season four. They talk about the upcoming Design for Planet Festival and how designers can do their part to address the climate emergency by putting sustainability and the planet at the forefront of everything they do.Register for the free virtual Design for Planet Festival here: and follow #DesignForPlanet on social media.Find out more about Design Council, the UK's national strategic advisor on design: your comments on Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn. Or email us at
  • Welcome to season 4

    Welcome back to Bold Thinking. Season four launches next week. Tune in to hear Julia Leckey speak to more people making positive change in the world, using bold thinking to transform business and themselves.
  • 7. Alessandra Mariani

    You’ve almost certainly seen or shared at least one of the millions of fun videos created on TikTok over the last few years. Alessandra Mariani is a brand strategy lead for southern Europe at TikTok, who’s been working with some of the many brands who are getting in on the game. She talks to Julia about tapping into the mindsets of 'Gen T' - multi-generational consumers who want to create and collaborate.  Read more about Gen T: your comments on Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn. Or email us at
  • 6. Dan Buckingham

    We dug a bonus episode of Bold Thinking out of our vaults this week. Julia Leckey spoke with Dan Buckingham late last year, while he was still at Virgin Atlantic (and before he joined Honest by Principle). They spoke about the potential for travel and hospitality post lockdown and his own career highs and lows so far. As Heathrow airport announces that June 2021 was its busiest month since March 2020, now feels like the right time to resurrect this episode. Share your comments on Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn. Or email us at