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#308: How to Build a Senior Photography Business - Ike & Tash

Have you attempted to break into senior photography, but can't quite figure out how to get started with this clientele?

In episode 308 of the Bokeh Podcast, Ike and Tash share three steps to getting started in senior portrait photography, along with their favorite educational platforms. Listen in as they discuss the state of the industry regarding senior photography and what it means for your business.

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Brand Position: Black photographers with a diverse portfolio with a mission to pour into their community. (15:19)

Advice for Photographers: (25:23)

1. Outsource

2. Understand where you’re investing your money.

Technique for Time: Schedule your time. (27:16)

Content Recommendation: Gary Vaynerchuck (31:35)

The Gear Bag: Candy, JB Clip, Cold Brew Coffee, & Kombucha (35:03)

The State of Senior Portrait Photography (37:46)

Education for Senior Photographers (44:54)

Senior Online Summit with Amanda Holloway -

Kitchen Sink Workshop with Amanda Holloway -

Push Conference -

Getting Started in Senior Portrait Photography (49:12)

1. Focus on Your Relationships

2. Asking Questions

3. You Have 2 Clients: Senior & Parent


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#341: Brand Position Consultation - Ashlee Hamon

Over the last year at Bokeh Podcast, we have spent so much time reviewing brand positions, that we thought it was time to offer live brand consultations!In this special series, we’ll be exploring how to develop brand positions based on principals derived from Donald Miller’s book, Building a Storybrand.In episode 339 of the Bokeh Podcast, Nathan chats with Ashlee Hamon, a photographer in Tampa Bay, to start brainstorming a potential unique brand position for her business. While not every consultation will end in a definitive brand position, we're focused on getting photographers thinking about setting themselves apart from their competition.The Bokeh Podcast is brought to you byPhotographer’s Edit:Custom Editing for the Wedding and Portrait Photographer.You can also subscribe to the Bokeh podcast on theApple podcast app, follow onSpotify, add to your playlist onStitcher,or listen onOvercast.Catch Up w/ Ashlee (2:43)Episode 118: Making the Switch to Mirrorless - Ashlee HamonAbout Ashlee’s Business (8:18)Years in Business: 8Located in: Tampa Bay, FLCurrent Brand Position: Specializes in vibrant wedding, engagement, maternity, and branding portraiture. (9:59)The Importance of the Word Creative (12:09)What Sets Ashlee Apart: Colorful Aesthetic & OCF Knowledge (13:01)Tip for Brand Position: Don’t focus on the technical aspect, because it isn’t as important to your clients. (14:57)Top Strengths (15:56)DeterminationSelf-ReliantWillingness to FailAdaptableResponsibleFavorite Things About Photography: (34:45)Interacting with PeopleCapturing Significant MomentsResearching Competition (38:14)Contrasting Ashlee’s Brand to the Competition (47:24) 118: