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454 - Mark Beech Talks Packers History

Today on Blue 58, we’re lucky to be joined by Mark Beech.

Mark Beech is the managing editor of The Player’s Tribune and has previously worked for Sports Illustrated and other sports-focused publications.

He released his book “The People’s Team” in 2019, and it’s as close to a comprehensive look at Packers history as we’ve got. He dives deep on the team’s origins, its growth and how players should be appreciated within their historical context.

We had the chance to talk to Mark when his book first came out and figured it was time to check in now that it’s been out for a while to see what he thinks about the team’s development since then. We also wanted to be sure to ask him about how the current state of the franchise compared to some previously unsettled times in the team’s history, as well as where some of the bigger names on the team right now rank compared to their historical counterparts.

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