Blue 58 - A Packers Podcast


441 - Packers Have Talent but Questionable Depth at Corner and Safety

We’re wrapping up our tour of the Packers with a look at their defensive backs, and there are some similarities between corner and safety. Both positions have some high-end talent, but some big questions about depth.

Cornerbacks (00:31)

The Packers have some promising bodies and some big question marks at corner. Does potential win out over inconsistency?

Safeties (15:26)

The Packers might have the best starting safety duo in the league. What do they have beyond that, though?

Blood, Sweat and Chalk - Chapter 11 (22:16)

Zone blocking is as old as football itself, but of all the things addressed in the book so far, it might have the biggest impact on the modern Packers.


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