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440 - Packers Have Options at Linebacker, But Are They Good Options?

The Packers are in a bit of an odd situation: they have a bunch of pretty viable linebackers on the roster. Are any of them good? Well...that’s a different question.

Adam Schefter offers no new details on Aaron Rodgers (1:04)

ESPN’s preeminent NFL reporter dropped a noteworthy tweet on the Packers’ quarterback Tuesday, but he had very little to say.

Packers linebackers are plentiful but mysterious (6:21)

Here’s an odd situation: the Packers have a lot of options at linebacker. Are any of them good, though?

Blood, Sweat and Chalk - Chapter 10 (20:42)

The Blue 58 Book Club continues with a look at Chapter 10 of Blood, Sweat and Chalk and what it has to say about one of the most famous plays in college football history.


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