Blue 58 - A Packers Podcast


430 - How will the Packers use their linebackers in 2021?

The Packers have wrapped up their mandatory minicamp and now head into the deadest period of the NFL calendar. Let’s take one last look at the team before their summer break, then dive into our first book discussion.

Final minicamp nuggets (00:32)

The Packers are done with their minicamp. What did we learn?

How will linebackers be used this year? (6:02)

The Packers linebacker corps isn't exciting, but maybe that's not a bad thing.

Further reading:

Blood, Sweat and Chalk - Chapter 1 (16:15)

The single wing offense is a relic from football’s primordial age, but it’s as relevant as any play you’ll see today because of who created it.


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