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398 - Packers Edge Rushers Regress, Safeties Struggle with Depth

Our position-by-position review turns to defense. The Packers’ edge rushers powered much of the team’s success in 2019, and their slower 2020 was a big part of the defense’s step backward. What’s the outlook there? Then, the Packers safeties were caught between a bit of a rock and a hard place playing a difficult scheme with little depth. Could that change in 2021?

Some thoughts about the salary cap (00:41)

For nearly a year, people have hemmed and hawed about the salary cap, but maybe we shouldn't be. Let's wait and see what happens before we decide how concerned we should get.

Packers edge rushers regress in 2020 (5:27)

Led by Za'Darius Smith, the Packers' pass rush was terrifying in 2019. In 2020? Not so much, and multiple circumstances are to blame.

Packers safeties struggle with depth (19:29)

The Packers have two excellent safeties and a bunch of not so excellent safeties.


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