Blue 58 - A Packers Podcast


396 - Reviewing the Packers' Quarterbacks in 2020

It’s time to start our review of every Packers player from 2020. First up are the quarterbacks. Did the Packers have any noteworthy storylines there last year?

How did the Packers' quarterbacks do in 2020?

From Aaron Rodgers to Jordan Love, the Packers' quarterbacks certainly weren't boring in 2020. Were they any good? (Yes, duh, obviously.) And how will this position group look going into 2021?

What would it take to trade Aaron Rodgers?

Look, the Packers aren't trading Aaron Rodgers. But what if they did? What could they get for him?

Does coaching reduce penalties?

It's taken as a given that a coaching change will reduce penalties, but is that true?


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