cover art for Diablo 4's story-free season and Dragonflight's loot piñata

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Diablo 4's story-free season and Dragonflight's loot piñata

Ep. 474

Loot for everyone! Join us this week as we discuss Diablo 4's latest season theme: Loot Reborn, which seems to skip story to focus entirely on the massive itemization changes arriving with Season 4. (We're a little disappointed.) Plus the trials and tribulations of Dragonflight Season 4, which continues its Awakened raid rotation with a return to Aberrus and Zaralek Cavern, featuring plenty of upgraded loot to gear up alts and mains. Unfortunately Fyr'alath owners are stuck with bug preventing Dragonflight Legendaries from being fully upgraded — but don't worry, it's already been fixed.

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  • 485. The War Within pre-patch cometh

    Join as we discuss the expansion pre-patch arriving next week including the accelerated XP curve, changes to transmog, and the much-anticipated Warbands feature for all your alt-management needs. To balance out all the good stuff, we also take a critical eye to Diablo’s Seasonal cycle. Oh, and Joe has something to say about the state of Shaman.
  • 484. How weekly reward caches are changing in The War Within

    Blizzard Watch writer Cory Taylor joins us as we discuss Blizzard’s announcement on how they will make it easier to get your weekly gear cache in the upcoming WoW expansion, Warcraft Rumble’s Season 7 content delay, Hearthstone’s ban of the most adorable card ever, Overwatch 2’s Summer Games uncharacteristically quiet launch, and how to get the new Owl mount in WoW. Plus, our favorite isometric CRPGs.
  • 483. WoW returns to China with a twist

    Join us as we discuss WoW’s return to the Chinese market including the World First cash incentive, Ethereal weapons returning to Diablo 3 with Season 32, our reaction to the latest War Within class changes, and thoughts and prayers for Diablo 4’s Season 5.
  • 482. Is Diablo 4 Season 5 worth playing?

    Join us as we discuss how the new features coming with Diablo 4 Season 5 don’t make a compelling argument to play it on a Seasonal realm over an Eternal realm, the bad luck protection with WoW’s Midsummer Fire Festival rare drops, and when we think The War Within prematch will drop this summer. Plus, the upcoming Steam Summer Sale.
  • 481. Falling out of love with World of Warcraft

    Join us as we discuss struggling with stepping away from a beloved game, Hearthstone’s new tropical vacation themed expansion, and why Diablo 4 should have an Adventure Mode. And more treasure goblins. Definitely more treasure goblins. Plus the news coming out of Nintendo Direct this week and which Dragon Age you should play ahead of this fall’s Veilguard release.
  • 480. Who’s the goodest boy in all of Diablo 4?

    Join us as we discuss the nerfs to DPS trinkets for tanks and healers in The War Within, the potential trouble with the new Mythic+ dungeon affixes, the mercenaries, pets, and new Spiritborn class coming to Diablo 4, as well as our highlights from this year’s Summer Game Fest. We’re warily eyeballing you, Dragon Age: Veilguard.
  • 479. Deep delving into The War Within beta

    Join us as we discuss the launch of The War Within beta, Diablo 4’s anniversary event, and why we need every single murloc floatie offered in WoW’s June Trading Post. Also our anticipation of release dates for The War Within and Diablo 4’s first expansion, Vessel of Hatred, during this week’s Summer Game Fest.
  • 478. Frog farming whack-a-mole continues in WoW Remix

    Join us as we discuss our love for WoW Remix despite the many exploits Blizzard has to squash, story mode coming for raids in The War Within, Cataclysm Classic players finally getting a chance to get the amazing Slayer of Stupid, Incompetent and Disappointing Minions title, and Overwatch 2’s weird relationship with esports these days.
  • 477. Let's bake a cake (for transmog)

    This week has been displaced by the Infinite Dragonflight and disappeared into Pandaria — which is to say we're all playing WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria. We discuss the unique gemming system, the extremely fun leveling experience, and, of course, free transmog. (Free transmog!) Plus Cataclysm Classic skipping Deathwing's attack and the important matter of why WoW doesn't have a Devilsaur mount.