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Ep. 41

The talk is influence, battle rap, gaming, and more.

If you like hip-hop stories, here you will hear an exclusive! Virginia being known for the home of some of the greats that not only graced the world with their musical gifts, but changed it as well. And Hampton's own, Phokis, does not shy away from that list. Whether you know his bars, from back in the school yard or his live streaming on other platforms; this is a moment of truth, the memories of an ex-rapper is a vibe.

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  • 89. Prayer Life!?

    It doesn't have to always come down to race, but when you're fighting for your life, you have to pick a side. Or you can just pray for me!
  • 88. From The Heart

    For those I love and loved by them.
  • 87. Going Against The Grain

    50 years of Hip-Hop and the lists. Milwaukee teacher charged with sexual assault. Setting the standard in your life.Listen here for my hip-hop playlist:
  • 86. Code of Conduct!

    Work work work work work! Another woman receives attention at her job for how she looks and man pays the price for trying to steal. Is it safe to say, consider self-employment?
  • 85. Say "Grace!"

    By the grace of GOD, your life can change in a blink of an eye. Sorry for cussing!
  • 84. The Deep Dive

    5 dead, my condolences to the family. Living in fear without hiding from the world. How do you deal with survivor's remorse?
  • 83. If It's Only Entertainment...

    Revisiting the artist vs art talk. Yung Miami does not want her daughter to be a city girl. Celebrating Young Thug, Crucifying R.Kelly; Who's to be held accountable for what we consume?
  • 82. What The F?

    Father please forgive me, I'm faded. Happy Father's Day though.
  • 81. I Feel Like Fighting, But I Can't

    How do you determine your decisions? Woman confronts man on plane, appropriate behavior in public, and more.