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14. Susie Orbach: "Body positivity is anaemic compared to what is required"

Susie Orbach is the original body positivity activist. Her book, 'Fat is a Feminist Issue', kicked off the anti-diet revolution and The New York Times called her "the most famous psychotherapist to have set up couch in Britain" (aside from Sigmund Freud, of course).

Susie speaks to Daniella about shaking up how psychotherapy is practiced, the ‘fat = bad, thin = good' mindset and why we need more rage, more refusal and more love.

Black Sheep is produced by Black Sheep Studios with Daniella Isaacs for BBH. It’s recorded, mixed and mastered by our friends at Soho Radio, and the music is by Daniel Lovegrove.

This is the link to the article Daniella mentions:

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