Black Sheep by BBH


11. Rokhaya Diallo: “Being black and disruptive singles you out”


Rokhaya Diallo is a French journalist and activist who has squared up to the state on more than one occasion. She’s also a disruptive creative force to be reckoned with, directing and writing films, documentaries and books. She’s one of Slate Magazine’s 100 Most Influential Women and was the only French person invited to attend the inauguration of the Obama Foundation. 

Rokhaya talks to our host, Daniella Isaacs, about institutional racism, microaggressions and not apologising for her existence. 

Black Sheep is produced by Black Sheep Studios with Daniella Isaacs for BBH. It’s recorded, mixed and mastered by our friends at Soho Radio, and the music is by Daniel Lovegrove. 

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