Black Box teater podcast


Corentin JPM Leven

Ep. 10

I sesongens siste podkastavsnitt skal vi bli bedre kjent med scenekunstneren og scenografen Corentin JPM Leven. Corentins arbeid er sterkt forankret i queer-miljøets arv og historie. Hvilke estetiske minner, personer, bøker og steder har gjort inntrykk på ham? I løpet av episoden er vi innom blant annet fransk modernisme, amerikansk elektronika og italiensk fysisk teater.

// In this season’s very last podcast episode, we are getting to know performing artist and scenographer Corentin JPM Leven a bit better. Corentin’s work is firmly rooted in the queer as a living community, and its heritage and legacy. What aesthetical memories, persons, books and places have had an impact on him? During the episode we will cover French modernism, American electronics and Italian physical theater – among other things.

Språk/ Language: Engelsk/English

Varighet/Duration: 40 min

Black Box teater podcast is created by Elin Grinaker, Agnar Ribe, Martin Langlie, Kristoffer Busch, Oda Tømte og Anne-Cécile Sibué-Birkeland.

Black Box teater is supported by the Norwegian Ministry of Culture and the City of Oslo.

List of references:

Memory / Performance:

Pippo del Bono: Questo Buio Feroce (2006) 


Animals by CocoRosie (2007)


Jean-Paul Sartre: Existensialism Is a Humanism (1946)

Gustave Flaubert: Madame Bovary (1857)


Mylene Farmer


“Any gay bar!”

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