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BOG # 67 Building Bougie Bakes - The Greatest Healthy Dessert Company w/ co-founders Meg & Ryan

Ep. 67

In this episode, I sit down with Meg and Ryan Quinn, husband & wife & co-founders of Bougie Bakes. Bougie Bakes are gluten free, dairy free, and sugar free baked cookies, brownies, scones, and more, all sold online and delivered straight to your door.

Meg & Ryan have a fascinating story. They both always shared a dream and vision of creating a business. They had the entrepreneurial itch and kept throwing ideas at the wall. While testing and launching several businesses, they kept their day-jobs to pay their bills. They launched several businesses that failed and ultimately led them to move out west and start Bougie Bakes.

Today, Bougie Bakes is fast growing and just received funding from Trousdale Ventures, a growth equity firm founded by Phillip Sarofim known for investing in Better For You businesses. They are building the next great brand in better for you dessert.

Perhaps the highlight for me in this episode was their spirit to never stop or give up when they failed in their early businesses.

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