Bits of Gold


BOG #24 RECAP // Bits of Gold w/ Wes Grant

Ep. 24

Bits of Gold w/ Wes Grant.

  1. You always have the time. We all have the same 24-hours in each and every day. It’s if you are willing to commit the time, you will see results. It’s the lack of commitment which is why most people fail. To achieve any goal, you must commit. Once you commit, you will find the time. As Wes said, you have to commit to a life-style, not a season. In fitness, a lot of people commit to a season. They commit to gettin fit for the Summer or a wedding, etc... But you will be more successful long-term if you commit to a lifestyle and not a season. 
  2. Take care of your health. Wes was working on Wall St, and felt he was in shape. He was working all day and in the rat race. He would go to the gym, run on the treadmill, lift some weights. But was never really making progress in-terms of his health. One day, he bent down to tie his shoelace and was out of breath when he stood up. Diabetes was a part of his family history and he knew it was time to prioritize his health first.
  3. Find your Passion and relentlessly pursue it: He was living in the rat race working on Wall ST. It was more of a job than his passion. He worked on Wall St for 10-years and burnout was regular. What separates a job and a career is doing something that you are passionate about. He found fitness and he became so driven to grow and dive deep. Your biggest failures can catapult you to your biggest success. You have these experiences and you have to learn from them. Pursue your passion. If you are living and building your passion you’d be willing to do it for free, and get up in the morning and put the work in. It’s something you can keep putting your drive into. Your experiences should make you better. Pursue what will drive you to be a better human not for the sake of money, but to be the best version of yourself and to help other’s be their best selves. 
  4. Education is the biggest thing to personal growth. Wes talks about it focused very much as it relates to being a great trainer, but I personally applied this to my own life. It’s so important to never stop learning, studying, and growing. To do that, you have to never stop learning whether that’s getting a mentor, coach, reading, going to events, seminars, etc…

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