Bits of Gold


BOG #15 RECAP // Bits of Gold w/ Lisa Jacobs

Ep. 15

In this recap episode, I share the Bits of Gold from Lisa Jacobs.

  1. Just start: When Lisa started her business she didn't even have a name. She dove right in and committed to learning by doing.
  2. Be open to risk: Don’t overthink the consequences or the outcome. Just take massive action and see what works and what does not work.
  3. You need to take the stairs. There is no elevator to success: It s along journey. There are no shortcuts but it's well worth it. You will make a lot of mistakes along the way, but never lose confidence in yourself.
  4. Not everyone wants to establish a passion and something they do as a side business to be a big business and that’s okay. Is what you are building a hobby, a passion, a side hustle, a business? Whatever you choose, it's okay. It's up to you to build what you want in both your life and business.
  5. Don't dream your life away. You need to live your life. Dreaming is an amazing thing. But don't get lost dreaming. You need to take action and live your life.

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