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BOG #12 Paving your Own Path as a Student Entrepreneur w/ Co-Founder of Study Abroad Apartments, Ryan Blum

Ep. 12

In this episode, I interview Ryan Blum on how he paved his own path as a student entrepreneur.

Ryan started his business in college after experiencing a less than stellar experience finding trustworthy housing during his semester studying abroad.

Ryan and his co-founder have since helped thousands of students find housing for their study abroad semester across various cities. Together, they participated in DreamIt Ventures Accelerator in Spring 2015 and then led the company through a successful exit.

For any young entrepreneur in high school, college, or fresh out of college, this episode gives you tons of practical advice on life and business.

We also dive into Ryan's passion in building slow and steady lifestyle businesses as opposed to fast paced VC backed businesses.

For more information on Ryan, you can connect here:

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