Big Fat Negative: TTC, fertility, infertility and IVF


We're back! Samantha Busch - and (finally) our Big Announcement

Season 4, Ep. 1

Team BFN is back in your headphones with a bumper episode to kick off their brand new series - and That Big Announcement, potentially the most-trailed announcement in history - as well as a reshuffle of our BFN regulars.

We've also interviewed Samantha Busch about her experience of secondary infertility, and how it felt when even trying a surrogate led to a BFN. Meanwhile, Professor Tim Child is talking about the Covid-19 vaccine - should you get it when you're TTC?

If you're new to the podcast, it might be worth going back and starting from the very beginning - you'll get to know us better that way.

Swears throughout.

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