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Tim Arnold - Super Connected Album

On this episode of Big Blend Radio, UK solo artist Tim Arnold talks about his new concept album SUPER CONNECTED that lifts a magnifying glass up to the technology vs. humanity debate! Conceived with guidance from Arnold’s mentors Kevin Godley and the late Lindsay Kemp, the album fuses tech addiction, consumerism, family trauma, and compassion for those affected by screen dependency into 12 new songs. Produced by Arnold with additional production from Jethro Tull bassist Jonathan Noyce, the album spans an elective mix of genres, and includes a vocal cameo from actor Stephen Fry on Track 6 “A Commercial Break”.


SUPER CONNECTED is also a feature length film drama directed by Arnold in collaboration with the designers of Terry Gilliam’s Brazil and Kate Bush’s "The Line, The Cross and The Curve." 

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    This episode of Big Blend Radio features ALLEN WHITMAN, former bassist with legendary virtuoso guitarist JOE SATRIANI and co-founder of the San Francisco-based influential instrumental surf-rock trio THE MERMEN. Hear about his new soundtrack/ambient album “MONOGATARI NO FŪKEI" that incorporates acoustic guitar-driven sonic environments with samples and synth that forwards a pace matching its title: “Landscape Of Stories." The movement, using field recordings made on a recent visit to Japan, is compelling, occasionally contemplative and often propulsive. More info and to purchase: 
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    On this episode of Big Blend Radio, artist Victoria Chick talks about the History of Place, Materials, Style & Meaning of American Burial Markers. The most durable materials available were generally chosen for markers, but the technology available to move, inscribe, or polish those materials also played a big role in the stylistic development of burial markers. See her article covering burial markers in the United States from Colonial times to now: Victoria Chick is a contemporary figurative artist and early 19th/20th century print collector based in Silver City, New Mexico. She appears on Big Blend Radio every 3rd Saturday. Follow the podcast: Victoria's work: 
  • Award-Winning Photographer G.B. Smith - Pathways Photobook

    Photographer G. B. Smith discusses his stunning new photobook, "Pathways," that features several of his multi-award-winning images which highlight the interaction between man-made structures and nature. The curation reflects the simplicity and uncluttered form of Smith's distinctive black and white style. Informed by his experience with color blindness, Smith’s work encourages the viewer to examine a world that exists beyond color. Proceeds from book sales to benefit the Breast Cancer Alliance Charity. More: