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Resh Gala - Vegetable Gardening Made Easy

This episode of Big Blend Radio's "Garden Gossip" Show features Resh Gala, author of "Vegetable Gardening Made Easy: Simple Tips & Tricks to Grow Your Best Garden Ever." 


Out now thorugh Cool Springs Press, "Vegetable Gardening Made Easy," is a smart garden know-how presented by a professional kitchen gardener who has “been there, done that” and wants nothing more than to see you succeed. Filled with over 80 quick and useful tips, and organized in an easy-to-use format that doesn’t overwhelm, each page explains and illustrates an essential piece of core advice, offering plenty of eco-friendly information to lead you to success. The format is perfect for today’s time-starved gardeners! More at 

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  • Art, Gardens & Community Adventures in Asheville, North Carolina

    This episode of Big Blend Radio's 1st Tuesday "Adventures in Asheville" Show focuses on unique art, garden, and community experiences. Featured Guests:- Steve & Karen Wilson - Owners and innkeepers of The Lion & The Rose Bed & Breakfast, a stunning pink lady in the Montford Historic District. More: DeWayne Barton - Founder of Hood Huggers International and Peace Gardens & Market, in the heart of West Asheville’s Burton Street Community, a historically African American neighborhood established in the early 1900’s. More: Annie Katla Bennette - Co-owner of @artgardenavl an artist owned and operated Art Gallery & Plant Shop in Asheville's River Arts District. More: Blend Radio's "Adventures in Asheville" Show airs every 1st Tuesday. Follow the show on YouTube:
  • Jennifer McGuiness - Bird-Friendly Gardening

    Jennifer McGuinness joins Big Blend Radio's "Nature Connection" and "Garden Gossip" podcasts to discuss her latest book, "Bird-Friendly Gardening." Releasing in April 2024 through Cool Springs Press, and available on pre-order, it's the ultimate and authoritative guide for cultivating a home landscape that embraces wildlife, specifically catering to a diverse array of native plants that nourish, shelter, and sustain birds.Every individual has the power to significantly impact the lives of thousands of birds, whether they're passing through during migration or establishing a feathered haven for the next generation. Creating a bird-friendly haven for various species need not be an overwhelming task. The key lies in understanding the requirements of our avian companions and recognizing how native plants, coupled with intentional garden design, can fulfill those needs. In "Bird-Friendly Gardening," Jennifer McGuinness expertly presents this knowledge in an easy-to-follow, actionable format. More: Big Blend Radio's "Nature Connection" Podcast airs every 4th Friday in collaboration with Margot Carrera, a fine art nature photographer who is passionate about the environment. More: 
  • Celebrating Roses - America's Floral Emblem

    “Just remember, during the winter, far beneath the bitter snow, that there’s a seed that with the sun’s love in the spring becomes a rose.” Bette Midler, The RoseThis episode of Big Blend Radio's BIG DAILY BLEND Podcast celebrates Rose Day (February 7) with two Big Blend Radio "From the Vault" Interviews that were recorded onsite at Gardens of the American Rose Center in Shreveport, Louisiana, and, the Tombstone Rose Tree Museum in Tombstone, Arizona.ROSE GARDENS & ROSY DESTINATIONS:- American Rose Center: - Tombstone Rose Tree Museum: - Chicago Botanical Garden: - San Benito County, California: - Woodlake Botanical Garden: - The Lion & The Rose Bed & Breakfast: - Rosevine Inn Bed & Breakfast: - Gene C. Reid Park in Tucson: - Gorgeous Gardens of England: ROSY RECIPES:- Ruth's Rose Petal Jam: - Ruth's Apple Roses: ROSY MELODIES - A Rose Inspired Music Playlist:- On YouTube: - On Spotify: 
  • Saving Habitat for Monarch Butterflies

    This episode of Big Blend Radio's BIG DAILY BLEND Podcast celebrates National Western Monarch Butterfly Day by focusing on habitat conservation for these beautiful migratory pollinators! Hear some interesting facts about the Monarch Migration, plus a Big Blend Radio "From the Vault" interview from Sara Dykman, author of “Bicycling with Butterflies: My 10,201-Mile Journey Following the Monarch Migration.”  MONARCH BUTTERFLY BOOKS, PODCASTS, CONSERVATION & NON-PROFITE ORGANIZATION RESOURCES as talked about in the podcast:* Monarch Watch: * Monarch Joint Venture: * NWF Spring Gardening for Wildlife: * US Forest Service Monarch Butterfly FAQ: * Lake Lure Flowering Bridge: * Sara Dykman "Bicyling with Butterflies": * Kim Eierman "The Pollinator Victory Garden": * Nancy Lawson "The Humane Gardener": * Stephanie Rose "The Regenerative Garden": * Dr. Doug Tallemy "Nature's Best Hope - Young Readers Edition": * Adrienne Edwards, PhD. and Rachel Schleiger, MS "Firescaping Your Home": * Amy Stark "The Fairy Godmother Helps the Monarchs": Special thanks to our Big Blend Radio "Nature Connection" cohost Margot Carrera, a fine nature photographer. View her work: 
  • Christina Chung - The Layered Edible Garden

    This episode of Big Blend Radio's GARDEN GOSSIP show features food gardening pro Christina Chung, who discusses her new book "The Layered Edible Garden: A Beginner's Guide to Creating a Productive Food Garden Layer by Layer," that comes out on Feb. 6, 2024 through Cool Springs Press. "The Layered Edible Garden" provides a modern approach to home food gardening that follows nature’s lead by growing plants in mixed communities, instead of in agriculture-centric monocultures. Say goodbye to long, straight rows of vegetable plants lined up and waiting for attacks from pests and diseases, and say hello to an interplanted polyculture paradise, filled with layers of edible plants that outcompete weeds, share resources, and grow beautifully together. More at and
  • Margot Carrera - Orchids and Houseplants

    In celebration of National Houseplant Appreciation Day (January 10, 2024), this episode of Big Blend Radio's BIG DAILY BLEND podcast features nature photographer Margot Carrera Margot Carrera Fine Art Photography & Design who talks with Nancy & Lisa about orchids, sacred geometry, the health and wellness benefits plants provide, and more. View Margot's photography and designer gifts at QUOTE OF THE DAY: “An orchid in a deep forest sends out its fragrance even if no one is around to appreciate it.” ConfuciusPUZZLE OF THE DAY is an online jigsaw puzzle of orchid blossoms. Photo by Margot Carrera:  MUSIC OF THE DAY is "Black Orchid" and "Journey Through The Secret Life of Plants" album by Stevie Wonder. Listen on YouTube: Listen on Spotify: BOOKS OF THE DAY: "The Secret Life of Plants" by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird, and "Hi Cacti: Growing Houseplants & Happiness" by Sabine Palermo - interview here: MOVIE OF THE DAY: "Adaptation" with Nicolas Cage - see: 
  • Jennifer Jewell - What We Sow

    This episode of Big Blend Radio's NATURE CONNECTION Show features Jennifer Jewell who is a gardener, garden writer, and gardening educator and advocate. Hear about her new book “WHAT WE SOW: On the Personal, Ecological, and Cultural Significance of Seeds."WATCH THIS PODCAST ON YOUTUBE:  In WHAT WE SOW, Jewell shares personal observations over the course of a year that begins at the autumn equinox, interviews prominent scientists and seed-savers, and proves how we must work hard to preserve our future by protecting the great natural diversity of seeds. Since 2016, she has written and hosted the national award-winning, weekly public radio program and podcast, Cultivating Place. This episode is part of Big Blend Radio's "Nature Connection" Series that airs every 4th Friday in collaboration with Margot Carrera, a fine art nature photographer who is passionate about the environment. More: Follow the Nature Connection Podcast: 
  • Ecologists Adrienne Edwards and Rachel Schleiger - Firescaping Your Home

    This episode of Big Blend Radio's NATURE CONNECTION Show features ecologists Adrienne Edwards and Rachel Schleiger, authors of "FIRESCAPING YOUR HOME: A Manual for Readiness in Wildfire Country."A must have for homeowners living in wildfire country, FIRESCAPING YOUR HOME is a hardworking guide to mitigating the risk of wildfire spreading to homes and property through the use of native plants and garden design. In addition to design recommendations and maintenance techniques, the book features an in-depth list of hundreds of native plants that have evolved to coexist with fires. Edwards and Schleiger diligently explore how and why these plants sustain wildlife and are powerful tools for defending homes from wildfires. Approachable and thorough, FIRESCAPING YOUR HOME is an essential guide to teach homeowners how to protect their property while cultivating a lush and attractive landscape.This episode is part of Big Blend Radio's "Nature Connection" Series that airs every 4th Friday in collaboration with Margot Carrera, a fine art nature photographer who is passionate about the environment. More: the Nature Connection Podcast: This episode was recorded before the Maui Wildfires. To help Maui's recovery through donations, volunteering, and providing services, please visit