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Artist Victoria Chick - The Origins of Celtic Art

The roots of Celtic Art are very old yet can still be seen to influence the arts of calligraphy and jewelry today. The motifs and decorative patterns related to what we call Celtic Art can be found in a wide geographic area from the New Grange tomb in Ireland dating from 3300 B.C. (pre-dating the Great Pyramids of Egypt) to the Scythian art found as far east as Siberia dating from the 7th century B.C., and in nearly every European country in between. Exceptions are those countries along the Mediterranean coast where the influences of Classical civilization were strong.

On this episode of Big Blend Radio's "Toast to The Arts" Show, artist Victoria Chick talks about the history Celtic art. Read her article, here:

Victoria Chick is a contemporary figurative artist and early 19th/20th century print collector based in Silver City, New Mexico. She appears on Big Blend Radio every 3rd Saturday. See her work:

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