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Author Aaron Arsenault - The Climate Diaries

After working in the climate-tech industry for the past fifteen years, debut author Aaron Arsenault is excited to inspire readers ages 9-12 to combat climate change. On this episode of Big Blend Radio, he discusses his climate fiction novel, “The Climate Diaries, Book One: The Academy” (Borrowed Planet Press, April 2024).

"The Climate Diaries: Book One," takes readers on an eco-adventure with troublemaker Jax Wilkinson, who is recruited by a top secret organization dedicated to preparing the next generation of climate-fighters. Learn more at

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  • Author Anna Monardo - After Italy Memoir

    This episode of Big Blend Radio features author Anna Monardo who discusses her new and award-winning memoir, "After Italy: A Family Memoir of Arranged Marriage" (Bordighera Press, May 14, 2024).Author of "The Courtyard of Dreams" and "Falling in Love with Natassia," Anna pivots from her career as an established fictional author to reveal the truths she discovered while investigating her family’s story. Starting in Southern Italy, 1948 leading to the U.S. and igniting a family feud so volatile it leads to separation, domestic violence, and an inescapable legacy of fractured love. At 39, caught in her own failing “marriage of convenience,” Anna looks to her family’s immigration history as she charts her personal path to self-discovery and the adoption of her son.Anna’s story speaks to those breaking the cycle of family trauma, the cultural conflicts among immigrant families, and the risks we take when going against family expectations. More:
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    This episode of Big Blend Radio's QUALITY OF LIFE Podcast features Dr. Ronald Ruff who discusses his book, "Raising Children to Thrive: Affect Hunger & Responsive, Sensitive Parenting."In this world of information overload and constant distraction, parents are experiencing an urgent need for direction on how to raise their children based on the cutting-edge science of child development. New research shows that infants possess considerable social and emotional capacity to engage their parents in ways that run far deeper than ever before realized. After running a private practice for forty-eight years, Dr. Ruff, a veteran psychologist, has created an essential resource for parents who are searching for evidence-based, best practice models to help them raise happy, kind, and self-aware kids. The book is available on pre-order now, and will be out on June 11, 2024. More at