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Beyond The Romance of 'Goblin: The Great and Lonely God'

In my new episode of Beyond The Romance I chat with my friend Ray Liu about one our favorite Korean Dramas GOBLIN, starring #GongYoo #KimGoEun #LeeDongWook #YooInNa and #YookSungJae. Yes, Goblin is problematic when you look at the age differences between Eun-tak and Kim-shin when they first's a very wide gap. Ray and I do get into that, and why with that in consideration GOBLIN is one of my favorite dramas mostly for the overall story, the actors, fashion gorgeous cinematography and OST.

My sincere apologies for this very late upload. This episode of Beyond The Romance was originally uploaded in September of 2021, and uploaded onto my YouTube channel, but I forgot to also post it in podcast format (due to health issues, I fell behind in uploading content in 2021, and recording in 2022).

Thank you so much to everyone who's taken the time to listen to the podcast, I sincerely appreciate you.

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Beyond The Romance of 'Hellbound'

Season 1
In this episode of Beyond The Romance, I'm joined by my friends and fellow drama fans Joycelyn and Josephine, to chat about the Korean supernatural drama Hellbound, directed by Yeon Sang-ho (Train to Busan, Peninsula), and co-written with Choi Kyu-seok. Based on their web-comic of the same name, Hellbound is a drama that goes that explores how religion, religious fanaticism, loneliness and faith are all intertwined when people who can't find their own direction and purpose in life, are exploited by through the use of the media by those who seek to control others. Starring Yoo A-in as Jung Jin-soo, a young charismatic leader of The New Truth, a conservative religious movement where members are admonished to repent their sins lest they fall victim to "a demonstration", - a violent act carried out by three, tar black monsters, who brutally beat their targets before sending their souls to hell in a blaze of fire. In the cast with Yoo Ah-in are Kim Hyun-joo, a lawyer who crosses paths with Jung Jin-soo, Park Jung-min as a PD and journalist and his wife played by Won Jin-ah who seeks the truth after receiving devastating news, and Kim Do-yoon as an unhinged social media influences who convinces his young audience to enact violence on unsuspecting victims in the name of The New Truth and God.Hellbound is available for streaming on Netflix.To see what shows I’m currently watching and live-tweeting, follow me on Twitter and Instagram @Carriecnh12, for my drama live-tweets with #DramasWithCarrie, nightly at 8pmEST. Feel free to join me, ask for show recommendations, or spill any tasty K-pop tea. Yes, I’m also very much into K-pop. You can also watch me, and my guests over on my YouTube channel here.