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S8 Ep. 7: Jen-How Art Transformed Pain Into Purpose

Jen and I talk about the deep healing work she did in Beyond Surviving that helped her tap back into empowered choice. This was critical when her Dad sent her a hurtful letter, but rather than feel victimized, she activated choice and turned it into a work of art. This led her to further explore art expression, which has become a significant part of her healing. She shares with us some pro tips on how to get started with art expression and use it in your day to day to support your own healing journey!


Take a moment to close your eyes and imagine a calm, safe place. This could be a place that you have in your life now, a place that you have been in the past, a place you hope to go one day, or a place that you can only imagine in your mind. Create your relaxing and peaceful place with any art medium you choose. Come back to this feeling any time you need to by visualizing this safe, peaceful place again. Writing prompt: I want to live in a world where… 


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Jen is an ongoing advocate for survivors of abuse and trauma, and values people being seen and heard. She has found deep healing in her own journey as a Beyond Surviving graduate, and is reclaiming her life through writing and the creative arts. She now shares her process with others in several community based creative self-care programs, including ones for survivors. 


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