Beyond Surviving with Rachel Grant


S8 Ep. 6: Tim-I Refuse to Be Silent

In this episode, Tim shares about his deep journey to finding his voice and refusing to be silent anymore about the childhood sexual abuse he experienced. 

Along the way, we discuss some of the key factors that prevented him from speaking up both at the time of the abuse and later in life. He shares about the major turning point that finally gave him the courage to seek support, and all the ways he’s been surprised along the way each time he’s shared his story since breaking the silence.


Tim is a native Californian who has lived and travelled in many locales west of the Rocky Mountains. When not working with high school and college students, you will find him enjoying the outdoors climbing, skiing, surfing and strumming around a campfire. In his youth he suffered through sexual abuse that left him angry, confused and alone inside. Forty-five years passed before he committed to dealing with the effects of the secrets he held from all. He is currently travelling and climbing in the western U. S. on an endless road trip.


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