Beyond Surviving with Rachel Grant


S10 Ep. 1: LiSára: The Power of Sexy Sound Healing

I can’t think of a better way to launch Season 10 of the podcast than with my dear friend and powerhouse sound healer and artist LiSára.

In this fun, silly, sexy & informative episode we discuss what sound healing is & why it is of benefit well beyond just helping you to feel calm and relaxed. We also dig into sound healing myth busting and how we can use sound to help us stay out of chaos and rigidity and find, as LiSára says, empowerment “…in every part of your journey”.

Be sure to stay through to the end to experience the gift of sound healing that LiSára blesses us with (an excerpt from her embodied sensual pleasure meditation that's all about sending love to your body!).

LiSára wants you to know…”We must #normalizethejourney!” (tune in to learn more about what that’s all about!) -- FREEBIE! 5 Myths of Sound Healing

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