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Leadership Lessons from a Life at NIKE with Greg Hoffman

Ep. 145

My guest in this episode is Greg Hoffman. Greg spent many years in one of the coolest jobs in the world as Chief Marketing Officer for Nike. He's also the author of a new book about his experiences ‘Emotion by Design: Creative Leadership Lessons from a Life at Nike’.

In this episode, we talk about some of the marketing campaigns that took Nike to another level, the importance of emotion and empathy in business and why diversity increases productivity. Greg also talks about his experience of finding his birth parents last year and settles the debate whether Nike is pronounced "Nike" or "Nikey".


Special thanks to Penguin Random House UK.

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Thursday, March 31, 2022

How to be a Calm Parent with Sarah Ockwell-Smith

Ep. 141
My guest today is Sarah Ockwell-Smith, one of the world's leading parenting experts, having written 13 books and sold half a million copies. Her philosophy of gentle parenting is hugely influential in the motherhood WhatsApp groups of Great Britain and her latest book ‘How To Be a Calm Parent’ has as much to tell us about how to look after ourselves, as it does about how to look after our kids. In this episode we talk about how to be calm, self-kindness and why being a busy parent isn't actually something to be proud of. Sarah mentions seven principles of being a calm parent in her book. I asked her about the first one, which is everybody can be a calm parent or a calmer parent:The number of parents I meet who believe that you're calm or you're not, they kind of view calmness as a fixed trait. So they'll look and think, "well, other people are calm". I'm not calm. It's kind of not worth me trying. So they're very much in the fixed mindset that calmness is something you have or you don't have. And if they don't have it, then it's not really worth trying. You know, that's not how they were born.But I really and truly don't believe that's true. I believe that everybody can be calmer. There are obviously things that get in our way. So what's happening in their life at the moment, depending on the sort of certain amounts of privilege you have and whatever, we can't all be like zen-calm gurus, but we can definitely improve on where we are at the moment.✔ Links:Sarah Ockwell-Smith on Instagram: Ockwell-Smith on Twitter: Ockwell-Smith: Ockwell-Smith’s books: to Graham's Newsletter: Show Sponsors: Think Productive - Time Management Training:​​Useful links: by Pavel Novikov: