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Rochester: The Restoration's Filthiest Poet with Neil Gaiman

Ep. 68

He kidnapped his wife and got locked up in the Tower of London. He slept around King Charles II’s court, and drunk to excess for years before dying from syphilis and alcoholism. He became a war hero but grew disillusioned by religion and monogomy. He also wrote some of the filthiest poetry of all time. Who are we talking about? John Wilmot, 2nd Earl of Rochester.

Today Kate is joined by two special guests Betwixt the Sheets. Neil Gaiman, who will be reading some of his favourite Rochester poems, and historian Rebecca Rideal, who will be taking us through the wild life of this 17th century libertine.

To find out more about Rebecca Rideal’s work and podcast, click here.

*CONTENT WARNING: There are adult themes and explicit words in this episode. In fact, we think it’s our naughtiest episode yet.*

Senior Producer: Charlotte Long.Producer: Sophie Gee. Mixed by: Charlotte Long & Anisha Deva

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