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Episode 49 - These Are My Confessions

This week, the ladies open the super-secret confession hotline to see what blings and it turns out that all that glitters ain’t gold! B.U.G. fans are out here revealing some heavy sh*t!

Grab your Mike Jackson popcorn, sit back and be a fly on the B.U.G. wall, as the ladies discuss killers, childhood secrets, dirty panties and non-existent vag openings!

Listen to find out why the BUG girls would’ve been Hannah’s reason #14

• Your secrets are killing me…

• One therapist does NOT fit all…

• On a scale of Eeyore to Hannah Baker, how depressed are you?

• The problem with boys and sex…

• Somebody really does love her dirty draws…

• That awkward moment when your brother kills your husband and throws him in the ship channel…

• Want to give good top in a drop-top atop a parking garage? Make sure you say, “cheese!”

William Shatner-esque narration, murder and intrigue - this episode has it all!

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