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SMART LOVE: To Tell The Truth +Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

This week I'm sharing some of my truth with you all and i'm expressing MY DESIRE FOR YOU to rewrite your story. When I say that I mean I want you to rewrite your past as your own hero and to write your future as you want it to be. It's so important for us right now to be making a shift. I'm going to be starting an Astrology study this week so that I can better explain why I'm feeling what I'm feeling, because as it has been so far it is just me getting information and saying "Hey, everybody go do this because we're doing this in the sky" but I want to be able to tell you WHY and I want to know more about it myself because for the last year + I have felt like a crazy magic 8 ball just telling things and not really understanding why I was getting those specific downloads. So I want to be able to articulate fully what we're experiencing so that I can give you clarity in that way. Anywho, I hope you enjoy this episode because I am in my vibrational "bag" and I'm telling the truth as I see it.

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