Between Us Girls


Self Care Issa Revolution

Season 2, Ep. 1

This week we begin our new show, Course Correction. The basis for this show is to look at the many ways we can help to redirect ourselves and each other as we navigate life. There is more to your story than just where you work, and how well you're able to complete tasks given to you by others. You'll hear about self care, self discovery, and many ways to understand self preservation and you'll also find ways to create generational wealth and learn to break curses that may or may not have plagued your family for those many generations. You'll get a dose of reality, with a lot of sarcasm and snark but you won't turn an episode off without learning something.

This week our host Michel talks with 2 mothers, authors, and activists Rachel Dolezal and Aset Rising--both of these women have overcome massive amounts, from near death experiences and devastation to authoring books and teaching courses. Both of these women have been an inspiration to me and I'll be talking to them to find out how they care for themselves and we start getting into what they've learned on this long road of life, every episode will be me searching for more and more info on how to live a more purposeful and intentional life. Don't miss this episode of self discovery and course correction. press play now.

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