Between Us Girls


Episode 99 -- On The Pole with Nicky Cole

This week we’re joined by croc wearing, pole dance instructor Nicky Cole. She’s showing us her best moves and helping ladies get their sexy back. Tune in as we discuss how pole dancing can be an effective way of boosting your confidence, self-esteem and help you grow as a person.

Unleash your inner vixen and press play….

·        Knowing how to dance is not a prerequisite for the class

·        Just cover your vajajay, take a hoe bath and come ready for class

·        For the first time ever Danielle and Michel agreed on something

·        There’s no such thing as bisexuality in the black community, you like d*ck once, you like d*ck forever

·        It’s ok if you like to suck d*ck, me too

You should be more grounded in your sexuality after listening to this episode!

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