Between Us Girls


Episode 94 -- Sister Circles, and Sister Friends..

Ep. 94

This week we’re joined by successful entrepreneur, IG superstar, and walking thirst trap Just Angie! Her derriere may be on swoll but her brain is bigger. Angie schools us on how she excels in the many businesses she’s created, how she became IG famous and the one thing she’s not so good at. Plus there’s a panty dripping confession that you may not be ready for!

While we figure out where Angie created more time to be so successful, press play….

·      I’m an aries, I got big asshole tendencies to go with my big ass but my heart is golden

·      Being followed around the store to take pics of my ass will get your ass beat

·      Listening and being relatable is a key component to being successful

·      Always leave food on the table, this almost guarantees word of mouth marketing

·      See a need, act on it. Be an opportunist

Just a little black girl from the hood riding around and getting it, inspiring us into greatness!

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