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Episode 90: B*tch I know!

Ep. 90

This week we’re joined by our #1 fan Brian O-o Williams to discuss break ups and rebounds. We came across this interesting story of love, heartbreak, cancer, and self-discovery which sparked the question of when you’ve decided to break up with someone do you take into consideration the challenges your soon to be ex-partner is facing prior to initiating the break-up?

While we spring clean our new year, new me meme…..press play

·      So you’re a non-smoking, non-drinking vegan that got cancer? Eat the fried chicken and get a bottle of jack

·      The cancer was like it’s clean in here imma get comfortable

·      Oh so you’re just gonna spring having cancer on me when I’m planning to leave you?

·      So I gotta get an ulcer because you’re dying?

·      Don’t give nobody your organs

·      Rebounds have you wondering what are my school taxes going towards, because illiteracy is at an all time high

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