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Episode 89: Marriage, It Ain't That Serious

The internet went crazy this week as our favorite ratchet motivational speaker, Cardi B alerted the world she was breaking up with her baby daddy and habitual cheater Offset, who also happens to be her husband. Baby daddy first, husband second perhaps? Anywho, the details of said breakup called into question frenemies and the worst ways in which you found out you’ve been cheated on. We made our way to the internet streets and found some interesting stories

Titles may be semantics, but commit to this….

·        Crying on TMZ does nothing but make black twitter come for you

·        Telling partial truths is not lying

·        The audacity of bitches cheating first

·        Apparently hiding in the bushes like Spicer to catch your man cheating is indeed a viable option

·        Now you’re like your gf is crazy….uh your fault b*tch

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