Between Us Girls


Episode 86 - He Feels Like Faking Love

Ep. 86

Men fake orgasms – say it aint so!!! According to Every Day Health, 1 in 4 men have admitted to faking an orgasm so quite naturally Between Us Girls is on the scene reporting the hard hitting (or maybe soft serve) news! Join us and guest Marcus Goode, winner of the BUG share challenge, as we test his knowledge on women

Fake bust in the condom and pay attention…..

• Preserve your pride and fake that orgasm

• Marcus may not be into self rape, but if you stroke it before you poke it, you may not have to faux it

• 45 min long session? Who has that kinda time?

• If you don’t cum it don’t count – welcome to the land of virgin mary

• When a woman says lets be friends – what she really means is get out of my face and die

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