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Episode 82 -- So, I'm a Mom, Now What?

This week we tackle the taboo topic of mothers who don’t really want to be parents. What do you do when you find yourself being the mother to a kid you didn’t really want? Do you step up to the plate or do you take advantage of alternatives? Also, we discuss this week in news and introduce a new segment – Moment of Positivity to put a bit of joy into your life.

Drop the kids off at yo mama’s so you can listen in peace….

·        Between the Nike shoe fires, Aretha’s 2 day funeral that Lauryn Hill is just now showing up for, the Dallas police shooting and the daily Trump antics we are exhausted

·         Danielle is still stuck on why we need money for a space force

·        I only have 2 cheeks and I’m not turning them hoes no mo…unless you got some 1’s

·        Being a mother is a completely selfless act, if you aint ready for that don’t do it Ceely

·        Sex with me will increase your heart rate….stay ready

·        Are you willing to vacuum naked for the dick tho???

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