Between Us Girls


Episode 78 -- Family Ties: How To Break Up With Everybody

Recently in the news, she who forces a note from her vocal chords, Ashanti recorded a video on her IG with her ex, rapper Nelly, father. The trip drill rapper did not appreciate his father tipping into Ashanti’s IG and cut him off financially. This caused us to wonder, how do you deal with your ex’s family after a breakup when you’ve developed a close relationship. Also, we give bug advice on a relationship issue.

We’re in our feelings yet have the strong desire to dominate…..just press play you’ll understand

·        The funeral for your whole family has been held. You all no longer exist.

·        Ugly cry first then cut the whole family off

·        Sharonda is giving out superb advice to basic bitches. Please complete the contact me form on our website

·        Danielle reads like Steve Harvey

·        He’s trans yes, but is he trans now?

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