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Episode 77 - John Edward: The Man Behind The Medium

Ep. 77

Psychic, Medium, television sensation and fair & balanced Libra, John Edward, blesses us with his presence this week. John teaches us how to tape into our psychic abilities, amp up our intuitive nature and find out if yo baby daddy is cheating! Side note he probably is…stack your money sis

Lace up that kindergarten thinking cap and learn something…..

·        When a psychic/medium says their sign is the best sign you shut them down immediately (FYI Scorpios are the best)

·        Miss Cleo didn’t stand a chance

·        Live your life intuitively to give you an edge on the haters

·        Michel is psychic and now going on tour with John, he hasn’t signed off on it yet tho

·        Do the spirits speak English?

·        When you open up the door to working with energies, be careful

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Make sure you check out John’s new show on facebook watch The Psychic John Edward.

You can purchase tickets to his tour on www.johnedward.net/ or head over to our facebook page to win tickets to his Houston show!

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