Between Us Girls


Episode 75 - Black Babies are Babies, Too.

Ep. 75

This week we discuss how black kids aren’t afforded the opportunity to be kids. More people of color are tried as adults than our white counterparts. Whites are considered precocious, while blacks are viewed as a threat to society even when committing the same act. Also, Michel unveils a new segment – Bad Reviews

Put your extra woke conscious thinking hat on and listen…..

·        Omg there’s a black kid being a kid, hang him

·        Here we go again having the talk with our kids about being black

·        There’s a presumption of guilt when viewing black adults and its extends to our kids

·        1 in 3 black men are expected to go to prison, it’s no wonder ppl view black kids as future criminals

·        Don’t even have good nut hair and being tried as an adult

Somebody get Sally Struthers to come save our black kids then rate, review, subscribe and share!

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