Between Us Girls


Episode 67 - I'm Every Man, It's All In Me

Ep. 67

This week we invited a member of our facebook group that is always ruffling feathers, Ron mofo Freeman! Yes the Houston socialite, holder of all the black men statistics, and resident shit talker blessed us with his presence! His mission – to rid black men of simping, let men know they are the prize and women should be going after your last name

Take a deep breath, meditate, and then listen….you’re going to need it

·        Is it simping to accept a woman’s marriage proposal?

·        Did he really reference the Vietnam war?

·        There are 4 types of guys that wants to get married, ladies find you one and propose

·        If you ask a man to marry you, he will definitely say yes – Ron said so

·        Men are confused as hell – thank you captain obvious

·        Great women don’t let infidelity get in the way of their good relationship

There are so many Ron-isms in this episode that it may spontaneously combust. Lower your expectations, submit like you’re supposed to and press play

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