Between Us Girls


Episode 65 -- Chyna Vs. Safaree

Ep. 65

Sharonda left Michel and Danielle unattended without any wine so we resorted to drinking tequila on top of tequila margaritas, which was a recipe for disaster! Blame Sharonda – they need an adult! We tried to make it though a conversation on double standards in sexuality but again – tequila. Blac Chyna and Safaree released sex tapes and nude photos and the internet went crazy. Hate filled comments for Chyna yet there was nothing but love for Safaree.

Slut shame your way to the play button….

-         Men are never promiscuous, they’re womanizers or studs

-         You gotta be a virginal slut to please men

-         You expect stripper sex to be better than this

-         Meanwhile this man just laid in the bed, yet the judgement for that entire sexual experience fell on her

-         And then you didn’t even bring a d*ck

Don’t let these men hold you to a different standard! Free f*ck your way through all our episodes and make your vagina happy! #WakandaForever

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