Between Us Girls


Episode 63 - Sis, I'm so offended

Ep. 63

This week we ask ourselves when did we become so sensitive as a society or have we simply progressed as a people? Has political correctness stifled our ability to communicate with one another or is it leading us to a path of mutual respect, consideration and acceptance?

Consider deez nutz and listen…

·        Guess what, you’re favorite cult classic is now perpetuating rape culture

·        There’s a such thing as dating preference even in the trans community

·        Ain’t black Jesus good, we’ve progressed from being colored

·        King Kong aint got nothing on H&M’s monkey

·        If you willingly give 2 blowjobs in 1 night, you’ve progressed from sexual inappropriateness

Chew on this highly appropriate conversation because you know we’re sophisticated, classy future journalists of America nshit…

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