Between Us Girls


Episode 62 - Muhammad I'm Coming

Ep. 62

This week we dust off our non-existent Qur’an and get schooled on all things Muslim. We sit down with Shatha, the fair and balanced teenaged Libra, that said hey young Muslims need a space to learn about the religion and socialize. So what does a girl boss such as herself do…start a local program that expanded nationwide!

Press play and learn something…..

·        Don’t believe the hype, Islam is not an aggressive religion

·        Ripping off hijabs is completely unacceptable and disrespectful

·        You have the whole internet on your phone, educate yourself

·        Women have more control than people think and Danielle is converting

·        Bring Danielle a bearded Muhammad sans chest hair stat!

·        Muhammad is not pleased

·        Muslims believe in Jesus, who knew

Take a Ramadan nap and listen

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