Between Us Girls


Episode 59 – Ok Fellas Now Let’s Get In Hoetation

Ep. 59

Gather around boys and girls as we take you on the dating merry go round of the hoetation! This week we are channeling our inner Oprah and passing out hoes to everrrbody. That’s right you get a hoe, you get a hoe, everybody gets a hoe this Christmas! No seriously we take a good look at the popularity of Nola Davis from She’s Gotta Have It and Issa Rae from Insecure and discuss dating multiple people and building a team.

Hop on board the dating wheel as we try to navigate inner workings of the hoetation and figure out just who is the hoe in the situation.

·        Combine the qualities of each guy to make the perfect man

·        When you’re done figuring out what you like, go get a new one

·        This is my hoe and off limits to my friends

·        Can and should you be honest with all your hoes?

·        Your purpose in life is to experience….experience all the dicks

·        These dicks is for everybody

·        Chicken or carne asade dick

Hit play and join the polyamorous lite life!

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