Between Us Girls


Episode 60 - Colorism On a Scale of 1 to Black

Ep. 60

It’s the new year and we’re getting super serious! Like BET news serious or maybe teen summit. Anywho, this week we’re tackling the black rainbow of colorism BUG style – with expletives and ridiculous personal anecdotes.

Find out who passes the paper bag test of coolness and whose left out in the cold…..

·        Is colorism prevalent in the workplace or are you just dumber tho?

·        Light skin girls do text back

·        Danielle has all the colorism stats but you can’t fact check bc she didn’t write down any sources

·        Unbeknownst to us, Sharonda tear ducts do work and are capable of producing tears

·        Do we associate behaviors to skin tone?

·        Are light skin men going to fold under pressure?

·        Are you too dark to be sexually harassed or unfortunate looking?

·        Where does podcasting without a bra fit on the colorism spectrum?

Listen to Jay-Z’s The Story of O.J. then tune in as we answer these hard-hitting questions and more!

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