Between Us Girls


Episode 54 - Fried Chicken and Sass

Ep. 54

This week we’re addressing why we’re so damn angry, on welfare, and have 50-11 kids! Just kidding, we actually aren’t any of these things but society tried it, ‘cuz…STEREOTYPES. Stereotypes about black women in particular. How do they affect us? Why do they stick? What can we do about them? Join your favorite magical black girls as we broach the hard-hitting topics that threaten to take the “rock” out of Black Girl’s Rock.

This episode is spicier than a Popeye’s two piece and cooler than a slice of watermelon…

·        He’s got a whole organ in his throat…

·        You’re pretty for a black girl and just black enough for me to like you..

·        I know you don’t pick cotton anymore, but your hair sure does feel like it

·        I gave you breath, Hoe!

·        Je ne sais quoi and Pine Sol Queens

·        If you don’t wear shoes, we can’t date

·        I have Indian and ox in my family..

We’ve got enough snarky commentary and twist top wine to take over for the 99 and the 2000…

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