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Episode 53 - #MeToo: Rape Whistles and Red Shirts

Ep. 53

With 365 days under their belts, we are ready to usher in our second year with the same fiery flavor that you’re used to! This week, your fearless trio is tackling the rapey media mogul Harvey Weinstein and the controversial voice of the victim - #metoo.

Why are these allegations made against this nice white man??? Tune in and listen!!

·        In the overall scheme of things, Jabba the Hut is a one.

·        I could have finger herpes, why are you talking to me?

·        Male ego and the royal penis

·        Sexual assault bae

·        White robes and caviar dreams

·        Bitch, it’s Elvis

This show has more purpose than Nelly on tour in a rape van!

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